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 Proximity trade
Web Ressources

 Jesus A Revelation of God
A comparative study of the words of Jesus in The Bible and The Urantia Book.

 The DNA Conspiracy
"The DNA Conspiracy
The war on terror, genetic engineering and globalization converge. Does the end justify the means? At what price?

 The Sun Kept Rising: Adventures of an Immigrant
Boy grows up in Nazi Germany, becomes teenage soldier, survives the Russian front. Kind strangers help. Now physician in USA.

Mark buys a horse without his parents consent. After participating in several barrel races, Mark discovers Jaguar is blind.

 Think Outside The Box
"Think Outside The Box
A look at life that suggests if you know where and when to look the possibilities are limitless.

 Behind The Red Apple
Behind the Red Apple reflects alternatives for our young which allows them to view society from a different perspective.

 The Light on the Star
Life is never easy for soldiers, no matter how passionate and patriotic they can be.

 The Legacy
Ellen, a woman who has been buffeted by the storms of life, decides it is time to take her destiny into her own hands. A product of her era and environment, this is not easy, but she is determined to take control at last and become accountable for her choices and responsible for her actions.

 Living Medicine: Memoir Snapshots
Young Chinese girl emigrates alone, arrives in America, uses scholarships to become successful physician, and makes healthy, rewarding retirement.

 flowers to india
flower delivery to Pune, Mumbai, India, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Goa, Pondicherry,

 The Skunk Caper at Lawrence Park
"The Skunk Caper at Lawrence Park
Delightful mystery of a skunk who gets caught in the kitchen of a local school. Children learn respect for all living things.

Pergola opens vistas of new thought, answering questions about love, life, meaning and the human drama through poetic settings.

 Imagined Places
"Imagined Places
How radical changes in the 20th century affected and shaped life.

 Earth’s Darkest Hour— Man’s Darkest Hour
The End Times- the worst disasters Mankind will ever experience and the door of escape from the Tribulation Period.

 Psymbols- Logos for the Mind
"Psymbols- Logos for the Mind
Psymbols are collection of graphic illustrations and verbal commentaries that describe over sixty dimensions of the human condition.

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