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 The DNA Conspiracy
"The DNA Conspiracy
The war on terror, genetic engineering and globalization converge. Does the end justify the means? At what price?

 The Sun Kept Rising: Adventures of an Immigrant
Boy grows up in Nazi Germany, becomes teenage soldier, survives the Russian front. Kind strangers help. Now physician in USA.

Mark buys a horse without his parents consent. After participating in several barrel races, Mark discovers Jaguar is blind.

 The Skunk Caper at Lawrence Park
"The Skunk Caper at Lawrence Park
Delightful mystery of a skunk who gets caught in the kitchen of a local school. Children learn respect for all living things.

Pergola opens vistas of new thought, answering questions about love, life, meaning and the human drama through poetic settings.

 Imagined Places
"Imagined Places
How radical changes in the 20th century affected and shaped life.

 In the Eye of the Beholder
Adapting characters from The Song of Roland, this fairy tale involves a malicious spell, s quest and a riddle about true beauty.

 Two Things Stories
"Two Things Stories
Two Things Stories emerged from the author’s amusing bedtime storytelling crafted after his two daughters think of one thing each.

 The Adventure Tree- Branch II “The Royal Magic Show”
Zak & Willow continue their journey of imagination, friendship and teamwork, and experience how believing in yourself can help others.

 The Special Kids of Sharon-The Wagon
The Wagon is a tale about the Kids deciding to explore beyond their allowed area. They all agreed it would be fun to go through the cornfield. ..

 Hogwarts Turkey
"Hogwarts Turkey
Hogwarts Turkey Duels Albus Dumbledor Vs Lord Woldemort Rp World Hogwarts T�rkiye Duelolar Albus Dumbledor Lord Woldemorta karşı Rp D�nyası

 Gedichte-Sammlung { Liebe, Freundschaft, Abschied, Trauer ... }
"Gedichte-Sammlung { Liebe, Freundschaft, Abschied, Trauer ... }
Gedichte-Sammlung { Liebe, Freundschaft, Abschied, Trauer . .. }

 Grotesque, A Gothic Epic (Online Novel)
"Grotesque, A Gothic Epic (Online Novel)
G. E. Graven's gothic epic, GROTESQUE, now available online. From the fall of angels to the rise of a medieval Armageddon. Lazarus, a grotesque, must stop his mother, Lucifael, from escaping Hell. An historical epic adventure unfolds in the Late Middle Ages.

 L'Univers de FBorFW
"L\'Univers de FBorFW
Pour discuter de l'oeuvre de Lynn Johnston, For Better or For Worse, Family life (fran�ais)

 Michelson dictionary
"Michelson dictionary
Dictionary of M. Michelson contains over 11000 words in 5 languages. Lexicon.

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